Product Safety Policy

Designs Direct stands on the principles that we make products that add beauty to society and in adding beauty we have a responsibility to ensure our products are safe for our customers and end consumers. Ultimately, consumer product safety is our highest held principle and our basis for quality assurance. We stand behind the safety of our products throughout the full product life cycle (design, production and distribution). Designs Direct has established 6 basic product safety policies that are observed by every team member of the company:

Compliance with Regulations

We commit to comply with regulations, guidelines and other rules relevant to product safety and to behave with ethical standards while paying attention to the standards of safety culture.

Establishing and Practicing Voluntary Action Plans

Based on the above basic policies, we will establish, practice and continuously upgrade voluntary product safety action plans in order to realize product safety based on our belief that customers and product safety come first.

Securing Product Safety

In order to offer safe and reliable products to our customers we will establish voluntary safety criteria and continuously upgrade them in addition to observing the safety criteria stipulated in state and federal laws and industry standards. Additionally, we do our best to provide our employees the necessary training and education to ensure product safety.

Measures for Preventing Improper Use

We will do our best to prevent accidents resulting in improper or careless use of our products by placing reminders and warnings in instruction manuals and on products to reinforce correct use.

Reporting Product Failures

If a serious product failure occurs, we will immediately report the factual details about the failure to the responsible authorities as ordered by their decrees.

Product Recall

If a product failure occurs, we will immediately collect facts about the failure and investigate the cause. Furthermore, if necessary we will take every measure required to prevent the occurrence of further hazards or expansion of the existing hazard by reporting the facts to customers and recalling the affected products. Customers and product safety come first.

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