Trends, Product & Themes

A few Designs Direct employees went out to the Las Vegas Market to take a look at what’s in the market for home decor, whether it was an uprising trend or on its way out. We saw many themesĀ & product treatment we liked that could resonate with the everyday home decor consumer & we felt were worth noting. Click below for a few of the trends & some correlating product! If you are liking any of themes and would like to see more designs, reach out to your personal Merchandiser!


Some quick general takeaways:

  • Rothko Style prints were popping up here and there, we could see this becoming more popular in the Abstract theme
  • Abstracts were leaning towards light & monochromatic colorways. Saw some sophisticated glitter coming through here that looked really nice and glam-chic.
  • Black or Navy brushstroke style prints on a white background
  • Diptychs, Triptychs & sectional sets were still popular & eye-catching
  • Farmhouse trend was still heavy, but the overall feel was white, light, and airy as opposed to brown, tans and rustic
  • Watercolor still a heavy look
  • Framed natural/raw feeling elements

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